New offerings : Gaming Computers , Virtual Reality booth,

About Us

Our History

We started off as 4 U to Rent, but shortly into the partnership, some changes needed to be made. We wanted everyone associated with the company to be excited to have our customer's needs met. Then we started over and changed our name to Party Here. A new partnership was formed and a renewed sense of purpose and mission was generated. 

Party Here has more to offer

The new partnership has brought in new ideas and more opportunity for other offerings such as Virtual Reality Games,Two new Escape Rooms  and a Brain Teaser-Puzzle  where you can set up teams to compete

Why Choose Party Here

We offer the most variety and it can only be experienced at  Party Here. 

Your happiness and satisfaction is our number one driver...

That is why we keep updating and improving our offerings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Question #1 Must we purchase food and drinks from your facility?


This is your  birthday party or event, you bring all the food and decorations that make this your special time. We do not need to nickle and dime and control YOUR party. 

Customer Question #2 Do you have things for teenagers to do?


We know that teenagers get bored and can be cranky ,so we have added additional activities for them to enjoy such as: Laser Tag,  Xbox with a 10 x 20 foot TV screen ,  Escape Rooms , and a brand new VIRTUAL REALITY game

Customer Question # 3 Do you have anything for girls to do?


We have had many girl's parties that included, dance parties, Girl movie night out with pop corn and snacks to eat while they lay around in their sleeping bags and watched our extra large TV, we have had arts -crafts nights, escape rooms  Fear Factor parties, Puzzle rooms parties